Bicycle Multipurpose Saddle Bag


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This bag will never slow you down. Make use of this Bicycle Multipurpose Saddle Bag for carrying your things when you go biking. It’s compact and space-saving since you just need to install this on your seat post. Likewise, it is certainly useful to handle the small items that you need to bring. Engage yourself in biking for you to de-stress. Go outside and be one with nature. Feel the warmth of the sun and coolness of fresh air. Get away from your daily work and spend time outdoors. Ride a bike and don’t forget to bring the essential things that you need. And this bicycle saddle bag will surely come in handy every time you ride.

You can never go wrong with this bicycle saddle bag. Firstly, you can easily hang this with the use of the built-in buckle. It also has a slot for you to hang a tail light in it. Plus, the reflective strip can add safety to your ride. And it is made of waterproof material, so you can be worry-free about getting it wet from the rain. Moreover, it has a big capacity to handle your phone, snack bar, portable repair tools, and many more. And there’s a mesh pocket inside for more storage options. While the dual zipper can secure the things inside it.

To give you convenience, this saddle bag is easy to install. Likewise, you can place this below your saddle with the support of the seat post. To install, mount the buckle bracket first at the bottom of the saddle. Then wrap the strap around the seat post and this will help in holding the bag in place. Snap the bag on the buckle, and it’s now good to go. You can safely put your small items in here to bring them along with you when you go biking.


  • Size: About 18*7.5*7cm and about 21*8.5*8cm
  • Capacity: 1L and 1.5L 
  • Material:   Composite PU & Encrypted lining & Polyester    
  • Color: Black
  • Location: Rear Seatpost, Frame