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Do you want a strong headlamp? Will you want to go on outdoor adventures anytime and wherever you want? Why spend time and money on flashlights and purchasing additional batteries?

With the Rechargeable headlamp, you can have a dependable, hands-free light to brighten your surroundings and free you up to work, camp, cave, hike, hunt, car repair, DIY work, or in an emergency.

Why do you go with us?

  • Our headlamps should not strain or crane the neck because the light is thrown at a 90°angle. Our substance would not induce neck strain as compared to the threw light at an ashamed 30°.
  • You won’t have to spend time aimlessly looking for the on/off key in the dark because our button is located on the right side of the light.
  • A simple modification of the headlamp zoom directs the light through a narrow or wide-range beam, allowing it to cast a bright and appropriate light just where you need it.
  • An elastic flexible strap is appropriate for both children and adults.

The benefits are numerous:

1.Super Bright Headlamp that is waterproof, flexible, hands-free, and zoomable.

2.Control turn with a single button. There are three transfer modes: high output, low output, and strobe.

3.Awesome gift for friends and family to make their lives simpler.


  • Aluminum alloy casing and reflector are included.
  • IP65 Waterproof Rating
  • LED bead: High-intensity T6 LED.
  • Outstanding cooling results.
  • Anodic oxidation is used to cure the coating.


  • The red indicator light on the battery holder serves as an excellent warning light while exercising or riding at night.
  • Suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts to participate in outdoor events such as shooting, cycling, swimming, camping, and so on.
  • Just 2*18*65*0 batteries will have the maximum output brightness.
  • There are three switch modes: strong brightness, normal brightness, and flashing (press the green button to change mode)

Product Analysis Diagram :

A: T6 LED chips
B: Shape headspace
C: Aluminum alloy
D: Switch button
E; Ventilation hole
F: Soft straps
G: Straps adjustment
H: the battery compartment
I: High-quality wire
J: Fixed wire
K: 90° regulator


1. Remove the small plastic isolation that has been mounted on the end cap to shield the battery and headlight.
2. Since the battery is not fully charged, charge it first. When the green warning light appears.
3. Push the button firmly to turn it on and gently to switch modes.
4. Pull the flashlight’s head to adjust the form of the sun.