Open Face Vintage Helmets

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Open Face Vintage Helmets

Description: Our Open Face Vintage Helmets are made for your comfort and protection. This helmet meets and exceeds D.O.T. Safety Standards means to you and your loved ones that, It can PROTECT YOUR HEAD in case of an accident! If you’ve been searching for a half-helmet with a wide range of sizes, then your search is over! We designed this DOT certified product because we truly care about those few with the smallest or largest heads.

Not all helmets that claim to be Department of Transportation approved are actually DOT approved! This is the half helmet that has passed a certified lab test unlike others.The correct fit may feel snug – they are supposed to fit comfortably yet tightly for your protection. Please see the SIZING CHART below to make sure you are purchasing the best size! Contact us if there are any sizing questions. 

 The last thing you want to feel at higher speeds is a dig caused by an uncomfortable and narrow chin strap that pinches or painfully pulls your hair. That’s distracting and dangerous! The position of our chin strap can be adjusted forward or back to prevent this and protect the beard of those that have cared to grow one. 


  • Weight: 1.4KG
  • Helmet Style: Full Face
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Helmet Material: Abs
  • Quality Certificate: Dot